Te Hononga Hou (Mental Health and Addictions)

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Te Hononga Hou Mental Health and Addictions Service have two drug and alcohol residential rehabilitation facilities and also a large Community Mental Health and Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) Team.

Community team

Contact: 0800 737573 Ext 7710

Email: thh@nhht.co.nz

Supports those living in the community who have mental health or alcohol and other drug issues. Four of the Community Team work solely with at-risk youth. A unique kaupapa Māori programme, “He Tohu Rangātira”, has also been developed for our work with youth in secondary schools (utilises a tupuna world-view and philosophy to build resilience, confidence, courage and commitment that will lead to positive changes and increased wellbeing).

Residential team

Contact: 0800 737573 Ext 7740

Email: thh@nhht.co.nz

Te Hononga Hou operate two Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Houses; Te Waiwhenua has accommodation for 7 women and Te Hurihanga can accommodate 7 men. Residents work through a 16 week programme and then move back into the community where they are supported for another 16 weeks by the Community Team. Graduation from the programme occurs after 6 months of abstinence from drugs and alcohol.