Kawakawa Office May 21—June 1 2018.

It’s mammogram time again for wahine in Te Taitokerau between 45 and 69 and the Mobile Screening Unit is due to park up in front of Hineamaru Office for 2 weeks in May.

Part of our Breast Screening Support Contract is to liaise between the mobile unit and the community. Kaimahi Tash will be busy helping to arrange appointments, transporting wahine to their mammogram appointment and supporting them if they require further assessment.

Tash’s efficient and understanding ahua go a long way in helping wahine to feel more at ease about going through this process . If further assessment is needed she may transport them to follow-up appointments at Whangarei Hospital and be a caring presence at their side in consultation meetings.

This is another of the vital services performed by our kaimahi that people are often not aware of.