A pānui from the CEO, Geoff Milner: With the urgent announcement by the Government last night (alongside the Emergency Alert Text Messages) that the whole of New Zealand is moving back to Alert Level 2 at mid-day, this email is to communicate our Ngāti Hine Health Trust response and recommendations to you, our kaimahi.

A key message that I hold onto is ‘to assume I am a carrier’ – and how do I minimise the potential for me to spread the virus? (It’s not about them – it’s about me).

Our response will include:

  • Carrying out a stock-take of our PPE, we will also look to order enough “cloth” masks for all kaimahi given the high probability that wearing masks out and about will be made mandatory
  • There will be a dedicated H&S representative in all of our office spaces (Kaeo, Kaikohe, Hineamaru, Te Pokapu, Rural Beat and Torongare) working with you around the basics of good hygiene and social distancing
  • There is a request from the Northland DHB to stand-up the Ngāti Hine Health Trust testing centre again at Hineamaru, which will be running by mid-day today.

Please restrict your movements over the next three (3) days to the end of Friday to reduce the size of your bubble:

  • This includes between our NHHT offices
  • Change your meetings to Zoom for the next three days where possible
  • We will be looking to increase the sign-in and sign-out processes into and out of our offices including the potential for a “single” entry point into our offices rather than multiple entry points to increase contact tracing
  • Kaimahi undertaking home visits or remote services must increase their record of who they are visiting, and when (contact tracing)

Begin to voluntarily implement the use of PPE and social distancing guidelines (mask and gloves) and guidelines will no doubt be flowing from the various Government Departments (we should know what to do here)

  • The signage around Alert Level 2 on our buildings to be reviewed and refreshed
  • The entry protocols into our Kawakawa Medical Centre to be revisited by our KMC Team
  • The entry protocols into our Te Mirumiru ECE to be revisited by our KMC Team

Start thinking about our vulnerable families and how we might provide reassurance to our whānau (we might also want to collate our vulnerable families databases)

  • If your phone (either work or personal) has the ability to download the NZ Covid Tracking App we would recommend this – is has a basic record a visit facility
  • Minimise your “bubbles” voluntarily – for all you socialites – now might be a good time to park-up at home for a few days
  • Stay calm and apply COMMON SENSE
  • Over communicate with your Contract Conduit, Hub Facilitator of member of the Leadership Team. Now is not the time for individuals to be making their own decisions

Kia haumaru te noho – mauri ora!

Geoff Milner

Chief Executive Officer

Ngati Hine Health Trust