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Te Mirumiru Early Childhood Education Centre – adjacent to the Kawakawa Office, is a large bustling centre. With a registered license for 100 tamariki from 0 – 5 years, Te Mirumiru is housed in an innovatively designed award winning building. The Centre has 4 classrooms; the bilingual units are Kōtare Rūma for 0-18 months, Pūkeko Rūma for 3 year olds and Kiwi Rūma for 4 and 5 year olds.  Tūī Rūma  caters for tamariki aged 18 months- 3 years but is also a rumaki reo full immersion unit where only te reo Māori is spoken. Those tamariki whose parents prefer for them to continue their education solely in te reo Māori stay in Tūī Rūma (with age appropriate programmes) until they leave for school. Māori values and knowledge feature strongly in the teaching programmes and day to day life at Te Mirumiru.